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just love what I do… and what I do is help empower others to take control of their health and their legacy.

My  journey to a higher level of health for myself and my family began over fifteen years ago when I set out on an all-out quest to find answers for my second child, who from birth struggled with a weakened immune system. Relief came on day from a friend who was brave enough and loved me enough to take a chance and ask one simple question;


“Would you just consider a different approach?”

The day that we found his answer, was the day I began studying natural ways the body heals itself. Turns out, I had not only found answers that worked for myself and my son, I also found out that helping others navigate through the confusion of mainstream medicine and “sickcare” was actually


My Passion!

You may now be where I was then and just don’t know where to turn. So let me ask you, Would you consider a different approach?


Whether you want to get healthy because you are tired of suffering silently, or if you simply want to stack the deck in your favor and build a BeYOUtiful Life for yourself. My  vision for you stretches farther than you can even see right now. I want something better for you


I want you to step into your possibility and get out of the misery.



Starting a new business was overwhelming at first, but my excitement and motivation to help others trumped my fear and apprehension.

I knew I had to inspire others and empower them to go after their dreams.

After three decades of being in a laboratory all by myself, all of the sudden I had to create a brand and plan for my own independent success.


Education, Experience & Accomplishments

  • CoAuthor of Healing Can Be Easy with Beth & Ivan Misner, PhD, & Dr. Nikkar Mohammed (TBA 2018)
  • Naturopathic Consultant for The Misner PlanTM 90 Day Challenge Health Coaching Program
  • Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy
  • Public Figure & Speaker
  • Certified Natural Health Professional
  • Entrepreneur & Owner of The Health Fix Center for Natural & Alternative Health Solutions (Private Naturopathic Consultation Service)
  • Creative Director of The Health Fix Blog and Personal Blog (
  • 28 Year Career in Petrochemical Industry
  • Analytical Laboratory Technician
  • Certified ISO9001 Quality System Management Lead Auditor
  • Certified Technical Writer
  • Microbiology & Immunology, Texas A& M University, College Station, TX
  • Natural Science, Lee Jr. College, Baytown, TX